Sismos…… Life with Seismic Activity

In preparation for our families departure to Santiago, Chile acceptance of and preparation for seismic activity seems inevitable. With last nights unfortunate earthquake in Ecuador, with a death toll of 272, that continues to increase, and thousands injured, (donate here or site of choice) I have begun to research in greater depth the realities of seismic activity. As a native of Colorado I am not accustomed to life threatening natural hazards. Yes, Colorado is host to wildfires, floodings and blizzards; yet, with proper planning, I feel that one can more easily protect themselves from bodily injury. With floods, wildfires and blizzards there is often sufficient warning to evacuate. Property damage is more difficult to avoid with these hazards, and as seen in the 2013 Colorado Floods, can be a huge expense for local and federal government.

Unfortunately, since scientists still are unable to predict seismic activity, there isn’t a lot, if any, warning time to evacuate. Lets just say that the moment our family experiences our first earthquake will be very memorable.

Luckily, new building construction in Chile is built to sway with seismic activity rather than resist it.

I found a website that tracks Chilean seismic activity sf was amazed to see the amount of  seismic activity in the month of April alone! Remember dates are written in a different format south of the U.S.- month is written before the day i.e. 17/4 is 4/17.

I found this website helpful in preparation for earthquakes and anyone planning on traveling or living in Chile may as well.



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